TNBJJ What to Expect in Your First Class

Different Schools Operate Differently, but here is roughly what we do:

  • Line Up, Bow In
  • Warm Up and Core Conditioning
  • Stand Up Throws and Takedowns Instruction and Drills
  • Stand Up Throws and Takedown Sparring
  • Ground Techniques Instruction and Drilling
  • Positional Sparring (Sometimes)
  • Sparring
  • Line Up, Bow Out

In our school we try to foster a sense of team and mutual support. The main goal of training is for everyone to learn. That doesn't mean that we don't spar hard, but if you are sparring someone much better than you, it is understood that the higher level person will spend at least some of the match coaching you, or letting you progress your game a little, so you can have benefit from the sparring also.

Beginners are allowed to start out slow if they want. We typically do not allow beginners to do stand up sparring until their breakfalls are very good (This usually takes about 2 weeks). Beginners can do mat sparring immediately if they want to, but we try to keep them with more experienced partners, to keep the sparring safe.