TNBJJ Sparring Etiquette

BJJ Sparring Etiquette (TNBJJ, Other clubs will have slightly different rules)

  • Allowed Submission holds:
    • Everyone: All Arm Locks, All Chokes, Wrist Locks
    • Blue and Above: Add Straight ankle locks, knee bars, bicep slicers, knee slicers, and toe holds
  • You must agree to be considerate of the safety of your training partners and yourself at all times.
  • No explosive submissions, you must give your opponent reasonable time to submit.
  • No neck cranks
  • No heel hooks or any twisting leg locks for anyone.
  • No on the head stacking, your opponent's shoulder blades must remain on the ground
  • No slamming from any position
  • No throws or takedowns done in a manner that would cause your opponent to land on his head or shoulder.
  • Cuts or open abrasions must be fully taped, any blood on gi must be treated with alcohol or other antiseptic.
  • Please do not train if you have staph or ringworm.
  • Standard grappling rules apply, that is, no striking, no small joint submissions (fingers), no fingers in any orifice, no hair pulling, etc. See the competition rules in the resources tab for more information.

Please note that tournament rules regarding allowable submissions are somewhat different than the club training rules.