Watching Film

Watching Film is an important part of your jiu-jitsu development. This allows you to continue to develop your jiu-jitsu on days you cannot physically train, and will yield benefits that will enhance your physical training. There are three primary areas, watching competition footage of yourself, watching competition footage of your potential opponents, and watching competition footage of top level guys.

Watching footage of yourself in competition

If you can, have someone videotape you when you compete. This will allow for review after the tournament. This can be done on your own, or better yet, with higher level players or your coach. This allows you to break down your matches in detail, discover what you did correctly and incorrectly, discover holes in your game, and things you need to work on.

Watching footage of your potential competitors

For the most part, this will only be possible when you reach higher levels, as competition footage of potential opponent's will only then be available. Watch this footage to learn their game, and most importantly, to see what techniques and strategies have been successful against them in the past. Then, you can practice defenses to their game, and work on the techniques that work against them.

Watching footage of top-level competitors

There is a plethora of top level competition available on the web, and on comercial DVDs. It is always helpful to watch these videos, to see the techinques and strategies that are successful in top level competition. Then, you can add these to your game. It will also help to train your mind to see and perform higher level jiu-jitsu.

One YouTube search that works pretty well is "bjj highlight"

Some Top Competitors to Also Search on YouTube:

  • Alexandre Ribeiro
  • Roger Gracie
  • Saulo Ribeiro
  • Royler Gracie
  • Robson Moura
  • Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza
  • Fernando Terere
  • Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz
  • Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles
  • Marcelo Garcia
  • Ricardo Viera
  • Roberto "Roleta" Magalhaes
  • Fabio Gurgel
  • Mario "The Zen Machine" Sperry
  • Marcio Feitosa
  • Fernando "Margarida" Pontes
  • Mario Reis
  • Leo Leite
  • Andre Galvao
  • Leo Vieira
  • Demian Maia
  • Ricardo Arona
  • Fredson Paixao
  • Bibiano Fernandes
  • Fabricio Werdum
  • Samuel Braga
  • Robert Drysdale
  • Lucas Lepri
  • Braulio Estima
  • Felipe Costa
  • Renzo Gracie
  • Helio Soneca