2005 Campeonato Internacional de Master e Senior (AKA Masters Worlds)

Date: August 27-28, 2005
Place: Tijuca Tenis Clube

Rua Conde de Bonfim, 451, Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Once a year, several hundred competitors arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from all over the world to compete in the
International Master and Senior Jiu-Jitsu Championship. This is the largest and toughest competition in the
world for jiu-jitsu for the over 30 competitor, and is broken down into age, weight and belt rank.

In 2005 participating countries included Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

This year I entered both my weight division and the open weight division.
There were more than 25 guys in my divisions!!

Thanks to my coaches, especially my BJJ master and world champion Helio Soneca, and my O-Sensei and Judo champion Michael Carter,
but also very much to Silvio Arapomga, Michel Safi, Ian Mecler, Mike Takata, Don Tyrell, Brad Hatcher,
and additionally to my mentor and Jiu-Jitsu Legend Luiz Palhares, and to all my training partners.


Here we are, back again at the Tujuca Tenis Club


Michel Safi, WORLD CHAMPION! Student of my master, Helio Soneca
Man, Michel, I couldn't have done it without you. You took care of me in Brazil, took me everywhere,
and you are an amazing coach and teacher. I owe you big, brother!


Ian Mecler, WORLD CHAMPION! Student of my master, Helio Soneca
Ian, thanks much for your coaching, and the great pictures. How could I lose
with 2 world champions on my side!


Soneca, you are my master, I would not be here at all without you. I owe you everything!


Me with 6 time world champion Saulo Riberio. I won one of my matches with a technique
I learned from his tapes! Thanks Saulo!


Just before my final match of the tournament. I feel like puking here.


You talking to me?

Michel with my friend Andre.




And Now, On to the competition!!!!


My Quarterfinal Match in the Lightweight Division, he pulled guard.


Here I am taking top control


I pass the guard, notice the ref is awarding me 3 points.
I locked down a tight side control choke just as time expired

Here is my semi-final match in the Lightweight Division.
He tried to force me out of the ring, and I hit a HUGE uchi mata.


I took him down again, and got the arm bar, the ref called the match for submission.


Semifinal Victory!


Here are the finals! This guy was very good, he submitted all of his previous opponents.


I pass the quard!

Sportsmanship. I won by points. Later in the tournament we meet again,
and that time I won by submission




Purple Belt Senior 2 World Champion!!

2005 Campeonato Internacional de Master e Senior (Masters Worlds) Results

Roxa Senior 2 Masculino (Purple Belt Men: 40-45 years)

Leve (73kg or 161 lbs)

Primeiro (Gold): Richard Blaine Sparks : Helio Soneca Academy, USA
Segundo (Silver): Antonio Carlos : Carioca Brazilian JJ, Brazil
Terceiro (Bronze): Marcelo de Oliveira : Gracie Humaita, Brazil
Terceiro (Bronze): Anivalter Bassaneli: Brasa, Brazil

Absolute Division

I also competed in the absolute division in this tournament

In the second round of the absolute division, I met Antonio again, this time I won by submission, side control choke.


In the third round of the absolute division I met Jiu-Jitsu Champion Bruce Tafoya.
His list of victories in our age division is amazing (and these are just the ones I know about):

I faced Bruce last year in the US National Championships and lost by points.
But I had worked extremely hard on my game since then, and I was hoping to do better.


He pulled guard and reversed the position, gaining points and taking the lead.
After this however, I went on the offensive with a strong triangle choke attempt, and a near guard pass.
At the very end of the match, I had 0 points and 2 advantages to Bruce's 2 points 1 advantage.
In the very last seconds I hit the new butterfly guard sweep that I have been working on, and won the match by a single advantage.
Bruce is an amazing competitor, and a credit to the sport of Jiu-Jitsu.


In the finals, I met up with 210 pound BJJ purple belt and former Brazilian National Champion in Judo, Roberto Ventura.
I stayed standing a little too long, and he buried me with a 3 or 4 part combination, which ended in Tai-Toshi.
He nailed the pin, and I could not escape. At least I didn't tap! Roberto got promoted to brown belt on the podium!


Silver Medal in the Open Weight Division


Enjoying our victory!
This is one tough group of competitors in the open class, Roberto won the super-heavy weight division,
Dave won the heavyweight division, Bruce got the silver in the middle weight division, and I won the lightweight division.
In addition, Dave, Bruce, and I all won in our weight divisions in the 2004 masters world championships. Bruce has also
won many championships as I mentioned, and Dave has an impressive list as well including being
world judo champion (He is a 5th degree black belt in Judo), and in Jiu-Jitsu multiple national (UK), European, and
Pan American champion titles.


2005 Campeonato Internacional de Master e Senior (Masters Worlds) Results

Roxa Senior 2 Masculino (Purple Belt Men: 40-45 years)

Open Weight Division


Primeiro (Gold): Roberto Ventura Gracie Barra, Brazil
Segundo (Silver): Richard Blaine Sparks : Helio Soneca Academy, USA
Terceiro (Bronze): Dave Coles : Gracie Barra, UK
Terceiro (Bronze): Bruce Tafoya: Gracie Humaita, USA


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