2004 Campeonato Internacional de Master e Senior (AKA Masters Worlds)

Date: August 28.
Place: Tijuca Tenis Clube

Rua Conde de Bonfim, 451, Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Once a year, several hundred competitors arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from all over the world to compete in the International Master and Senior Jiu-Jitsu Championship. This is the largest and toughest competition in the world for jiu-jitsu for the over 30 competitor, and is broken down into age, weight and belt rank. In 2004 participating countries included Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

I won all of my matches by submission. I did the best in my first match, getting ahead 20 to Zero before submitting him with a rear naked choke. Below are some pictures. I only have pictures of the final match. Thanks to my coaches, Helio Soneca, Michael Carter, Silvio Arapomga, Benardo Biolchini, Michel Safi, and to all my training partners.

The day before the Match with Michel Safi at Gavea. He helped me a lot, especially regarding the rules.


Waiting for my first Match (I waited about 2 and 1/2 hours)


Preparing for the the Final Match (there are no pictures before this, Michel was too busy yelling at me to take any pictures "Hick do this, Hick do that")


Final Match - Standup 1. This guy was much stronger than I am. I could not get his grip off of my Gi.


Final Match - Standup 2: It is nearly 4 minutes into the match, and there is no score. I thought I was behind due to a stalling call, I did not know at the time that he had received one also. I was getting very worried I was going to lose and was trying to be more aggressive. (My arm is straight and behind his neck, Soneca is going to kill me!)


Final Match - I took him down with Tani-Otoshi from an arm drag. Notice the ref is awarding me 2 points


Final Match - I get the Knee Ride


Final Match - Mount and Choke, He Tapped.


Final Match - I won the final! The medic is standing over him and the doctor is coming to check him out, but he is OK, just exhausted.

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The formal declaration 1 (My opponent in the final was ripped, very strong)


The formal declaration 2


Medal Ceremony

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2005 Campeonato Internacional de Master e Senior (Masters Worlds) Results

Azul Senior 2 Masculino (Blue Belt Men: 40-45 years)

Leve (73kg or 161 lbs)

Primeiro (Gold): Richard Blaine Sparks : Gracie Barra (Helio Soneca Academy, US)
Segundo (Silver): Marcelo Alan : Kioto Academy, Brazil
Terceiro (Bronze): Carlos Alberto Barros : De La Riva Academy, Brazil


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