BJJ Legends and Friends


My Master, BJJ Legend, my Friend, you changed my life. World Champion Helio Soneca.


My idol, BJJ Legend Marcello Garcia, he is everything a representative of our sport should be, amazing jiu-jitsu, amazing coach, and amazing person.


"Draculino" Vinicius Bittencourt Almeida Magalhaes, one of my instructor's best friends.

Training with BJJ Black Belt and UFC Fighter Hermes Franca


BJJ Legend Pedro Sauer


BJJ World Champion and Legend and half guard inovator, Roberto "Gordo" Correa


BJJ Legend Edwardo Telles, the turtle master.



BJJ and Pot Smoking Legend, Eddie Bravo, master of the twister and rubber guard


Eddie puts me in the standing twister


BJJ World Champion and Legend Flavio Almedia


BJJ World Champion and Legend Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro


BJJ World Champion Romolo Barral


BJJ Super Legend Saulo Ribeiro


Romero Jacare, BJJ legend and founder of Alliance.


My First BJJ Seminar Ever in 1995 with Rickson Gracie. Rickson's wife and my friend Paul Carter are also in this picture.
What the hell is wrong with my eyes?


Alvaro Mansur, head of the CBJJ referres


My Friend and BJJ Black Belt Luiz Palhares


Soneca Student and UFC Fighter Alan Belcher. Alan called me "the weakest human being he had ever trained with".

My buddy Travis, we trained together in Judo and BJJ for almost 20 years.



My very good friend Gavin "The Gavicorn" Enck



My buddy Peymen


My friends Laura, Bernardo, Kurt and Soneca


My Friend and Judo Black Belt, Aaron Shugart Brown


Trav, Rick, Gavin, and Samuel


Samuel's Class with my training partners Adam, Jeff, Wes, Jordan,Cliff, Carl, Peymen, Brandan, Richard, and my son Tucker


My friends Kurt Rasmussin and Amal Easton



My friends Brandon Bledsoe, James "Monster" Mullins, Soneca, and Kevin Burrell



My friends Cody Hudson, Travis Strike, Robert Butturini, and Adam Stephens



My friends and Judo Blackbelts Jim Mcmillian and Lane Cooper


Marcello Garcia student, my friend, and tournament winning machine Leo Kirby (In Blue)



My friend, tournament rival, and now BJJ Blackbelt Bruce Tafoya


My friend and Hermes Franca BJJ Blackbelt Josh Cate



My friends and BJJ Black Belts James "Monster" Mullins and Josh Cate


My friends at Edmon's Judo Class, Back Row: Adam, Stephen, Me, Edmon, Braydon, Aiden, Scott
Front Row: Jason, Elodee, Christie, Keiko, and Mark

My friends and students, father and son Greg and Braden Wenndt

My Friend, longtime training partner, and BJJ Black Belt Brad Hatcher


My Friend and BJJ Black Belt Shawn Hammonds


My friend and student, Zach Smitely



My friend and Pedro Sauer BJJ Black Belt John Hosford



My Friend and Tournament Rival, Chewy Yabarra



My friends and training partners Bruno and Thiago


My friend "Papa" John Gorman



My Friend Jake Mckee, owner of Budo Videos




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